Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Time is Near!

Christmas is near!!
It's December and we are very excited to be spending our first Christmas with our new Bundle of Joy....It has been very fun preparing for the holiday with our little guy....his very first Christmas...I am sure we will cherish it very much as we will be spending it with our families in Iowa.
He even helped daddy decorate the tree....we had so much fun!
How sweet is our little guy in his Christmas hat!! He actually liked this hat (which of course makes mommy very happy) and mommy took advantage and took lots of pictures!

Preston got to have his first peak at what a present looks like...and he is no dummy!! He was very interested in this pretty red box!!!


At one of our playgroups, Preston got to "try-out" Zach's play station and loved mommy and daddy had to break out the one he received from the baby shower....although his feet can't touch the ground....he loves it!! Thanks Cindee and Lori!!!! He is so amused by the lights and music...and mommy loves it too....I have five minutes to get a thing or two done while he is entertained!


Preston Jaymes was special and was allowed to open one of his Christmas gifts early this year...go figure (spoiled)!! He received this awesome highchair from his Gramma Lynn and Grampa Jim....He really likes it, because now he can sit with Mom and Dad while we eat our dinner...he hates to be left out of the action! Obviously, we are a little boring....but he is comfortable as he fell asleep!


Preston hosted a Christmas party for his play group...they had a blast playing...but really weren't too interested in posing for this picture....(from left to right) Preston, Lucy, Mallory, Ethan and Zach are pictured...They all wore Christmas outfits and us mommies shared some homemade cookies...they were delicious!!

Can't wait to share with you our Christmas looking for them to come very soon...Have a wonderful Holiday!....
Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A lot to be thankful for in November

November was yet another busy month...filled with visitors..and our first trip....We surely do have a lot to be thankful for this year!! Preston is LOVED by so many people!!
Mommy's cousin Amy and her husband Adam traveled down from Le Mars, Iowa (YES, the Ice Cream Capital of the World!)...We were so excited for them to come down and make the trip...Preston loved the attention Amy gave him...Aren't they cute!!!

Adam got in on the action too!! Preston ACTUALLY sat and watched Saturday morning football with Adam...or well took a nap while Adam watched football....not too sure what Adam thought when Amy and I dashed off for 20 minutes and left him alone with the little guy....he was a little nervous about us leaving Preston alone with him....Mommy wasn't worried...and well Amy says he needs the practice....wonder if there is something we should know!

Preston had to show off for Amy and Adam too....he decided that it was time to roll over for the first time....yeah!!!! We were so proud of him...He went from front to back and if I could figure out how to put video on here....I is adorable....Not too sure Preston knew what to think of this new found mobility!


We LOVE our BFSG play group and have formed sort of another playgroup out of it! Five of Preston's friends get together once a week to play at one another's house--Mallory, Zach, Oliver, Ethan, and Lucy....They all get along so well and we have a good assortment of ages....I think they may be friends for a very long time!! We hope so--they (and their mommies) are very special to us! As you can see below, they really know how to tear up a house...what a mess....a fun mess though!


had to post this picture just to show you how cute Lucy is....she is making the moves on Preston while he is adorable!!! Her daddy has given Preston fair warning to back off though....I think he got a little scared and is turning the charm down a bit!


We took our first long road trip with the little guy this November to visit the grandparents for Thanksgiving. He didn't do too badly on the ride up, the ride home was another story!
Preston had a "Meet n Greet" with his Gramma Chris' side of the family....He did much more "sleeping" and "fussing" than "meeting" as evening is NOT his favorite time of the day! He can't wait to see them again at Christmas time...hopefully this time he will let more of his cousins and Aunts hold him!

Preston got to also meet his much "bigger" cousin Aidan..Daddy and his cousin (Aidan's daddy) Adam are also pictured...I am sure one of these days Preston is going to catch up...hopefully not too soon though!

We also celebrated thanksgiving with his Gramma Lynn and Grampa Jim, Godfather Chris......and he got to FINALLY meet his Aunt Lisa and Dustin! He was very excited to see them all and can't wait to do so again at Christmas time..

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Busy Month in October

October was a busy month!!!
We had lots of visitors in October...too many to post all of their pictures--so please forgive us!! Three of the furthest traveling guests were from Cedar Falls, Iowa--mommy's friends Tina, Cari and Baby Jace (No, you can't see him as he is in Cari's tummy and soon to be Preston Jaymes' best friend!) Tina (already an awesome mommy) helped us out tremendously and taught us a few new tricks....I think Preston's high demand needs may have scared Cari a little...but she did great and is going to be an awesome mommy here very soon!

Lauren also traveled a great distance...all the way from Michigan!

We also had Preston Jaymes' baptism this month. He was a GREAT boy!!! He was very good during the entire service--we were so proud of him! His Uncle Chris was named the Godfather (which I think he LOVES the title) and his Aunt Lisa was named the Godmother. Again, we had great support from both sides of the family!

The outfit and blanket that he was baptized in was made by his Gramma Lynn....
Thank GOODNESS she is crafty!!!

In October, Preston also joined another Playgroup....this one is put on by the school district and he is making LOTS of new friends...This is from the tye-dye party....he is "chillin" in the swing!

This October was Preston's first Halloween and he was a "Pea in the Pod" and boy was he a cutie!!! Here he is at his BFS group's Halloween Party with his buddy Ryne and yes, Lucy!!

He also got to experience his first pumpkin carving experience with his cousins....we all had a great time watching Jason and Josh do all the work!!!

and of course, Mommy and Daddy had to take him out on Halloween night and show him off to our the neighbors...He really didn't like the costume, but amused us long enough to make a few stops!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Welcome to Preston's Blog!

Welcome to our baby boy's first web page!!!
It is all about Preston Jaymes and perhaps a little about Mom and Dad...but not too much as he is much more interesting!!! Hopefully it will help us keep everyone connected to what's new with the newest addition to our family! As most of you know, Preston Jaymes was born on Labor day--go figure and weighed a hefty 8lbs 10oz and was 21 inches long.....he is now 3 1/2 months old and weighs a little over 14lbs and is about 24 1/2 inches long...He is growing very fast and changing ever day! ALOT has happened over the past three and a half months...hopefully we can catch you up if you have missed any of it...
His first month of life was a busy one....... Here he is in just his first few minutes in this new crazy world! Lots of poking and proding...I think he liked mommy's tummy much better, but we were glad he was finally here!!!


Here is mommy and Preston Jaymes the night of the event...Mommy was ecstatic to finally meet the little man growing in her tummy the last nine months....she was also very tired after a long!

Daddy and Preston Jaymes at the hospital...both very tired and wore out!

He had lots of visitors at the hospital...his Gramma Lynn and Grampa Jim were there and gave him lots of love...(this is their first grandchild and I think he is going to be spoiled!) Preston Jaymes was given his middle name after his Grampa Jim..

Preston's other grandparents were there too...Gramma Chris and Grampa Steve gave him lots of love as well! We were so happy they were able to make the trip down...Cousin Madison is also pictured and I think she might have been the most excited to meet her newest cousin! She is very good with him!

Here is Preston with his Aunt Lisa and cousins Madison and Ainsley....Ainsley IS smiling in this picture, but she wasn't too sure what to think of the little guy for awhile...I think she is finally warming up to that she knows HER mommy isn't keeping him!

Even Uncle Josh got in on the action...I think this may be the only time he has held his nephew...and it wasn't willingly!

The visitors didn't end there...He met a lot more friends, family and neighbors over the next few months....he is surely loved by many people...we really appreciate everyone's love and support!


We couldn't leave the hospital without a little chaos....Preston wasn't feeding the greatest in the beginning and had to be put on a billirubin light....he did NOT like it and we hated it more! It was not fun having to be "plugged" in all the time..luckily he only had to wear it the first three days home.


Coming home from the hospital was quite an experience..boy they aren't kidding when they tell you that you won't know what hit you the first night! I don't think daddy or mommy slept a wink that night.....or the next......or well I guess we still haven't slept that much yet...and are beginning to wonder if we'll ever get a full nights sleep again!


We had our first bath....sponge bath that is...Mommy and Daddy got water everywhere!! Thank goodness Preston can now take a "real" bath and we don't have to worry about keeping that bellybutton dry!


Mommy and Preston didn't stay home for long and starting going to a BFSG at only two weeks old! He is definitely takes after his daddy--he found a girlfriend right away!! Her name is Lucy and they are still friendly as can be...daddy tries to tell him to keep his options open...mommy says if you find a good one--KEEP her....and Lucy is GREAT!!