Monday, June 29, 2009

My "Baby" is Home

My "Baby" is Home


My "Baby" returned to us Father's Day weekend...unfortunately I know he is no longer technically my "baby" but as a Mom-he always will be....He proved how much of a "BIG" boy he is and had a wonderful time at both of his grandparents houses' and really did not let on any indication that he was saddend by Mommy or Daddy not being around. I was waiting to post, hoping that perhaps I would receive some pictures from his adventure but none were sent...He obviously had a great time visiting many parks, going on walks, fishing, swimming in his own pool, getting nina treats, playing with the dogs and basically wearing grandparents out....We were ecstatic to finally meet up with him in Omaha for my cousin's wedding and a Father's Day trip to the zoo. Here are some picture's from that weekend:
Ashten eating with Nina
and talking with Papa and Cousin Sammy

My dad and his brothers: Rich, Dad, Joe, and John

a few of the Lemek woman
Preston and Mommy being the only ones to "shake it up" on the dance floor!

Until Cousin Abby joined us with Ashten!

Daddy and the boys relaxing after so much dancin!

Conversing with the family

Preston finding a nice spot on Daddy to fall was a long week for him....Ashten even made it longer than he did...which is quite suprising!


On Father's Day, Nina and Papa treated us to a day at the Fabulous Omaha Zoo!!! What an amazing place, one of the best Zoo's I have been too and the boys loved every minute of it!

Nina, Papa and Preston daringly going across the jungle bridge....don't let the picture fool you though...Nina chickened out and when around!

A little cuddle time with the grandparents in front of the beautiful birds!

Mommy and Preston on the NOT so fabulous train ride...seriously what a was the only downer of the was a one minute ride going way too fast to see anything...but what are you going to do when your son is fascinated by trains!

Strolling through the zoo's exhibits....and Preston leading the way as he did much of the day...our official tour guide!

In the underground sea exhibit....the sharks literally swam right over you and you thought you were going to be lunch....

Thanks Nina and Papa for a great was our first official "vacation" as a family of four and we had the most wonderful time....despite the fact the world series was in town and the hotel options were not the greatest....(sorry about that-I apologize!)...and to both grandparents...thanks for taking care of our little man...He had a great time spending the week without the law enforcement called "Mom and Dad"!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Preston's First "SOLO" Vacation

Preston's First "SOLO" Vacation


Preston has decided that he is old enough to take a trip without Mommy and Daddy and headed to Iowa this weekend with Nina and Papa....
Very excitedly waving goodbye before departing
I have to admit I did not think I would ever be "that" parent that would have such heartache over letting my baby go....this is his first trip away from home without Mom or Dad and his first away from Mommy ever! (except when I was delivering Ashten at the hospital-but even then I was only 10 minutes away and saw him every day) He has been asking for this for quite sometime now, although I really wasn't sure he ACTUALLY knew what he was asking for...but it has been a day and a half and he is doing great!
Getting ready to leave...
Mommy is happy to report though he is having lots of fun with Nina and Papa and Uncle Chris...and will soon be visiting his other grandparents and Aunt Lisa. Mommy and Daddy on the other hand have been feeling terrible sadness and joy over the whole situation...many tears have been shed and Mommy is organizing like a mad woman in order to stay busy and not think about her little man too much.....the house is certainly very quiet without Preston...
Giving Ashten one last hug
and little Ashten is overjoyed with having the house and us all to himself...
Before coming to take our Preston on his first grand solo adventure....Nina and Papa came for the weekend to hang out...and spoil them both as usual....Here Preston is showing off one of his presents....
and Ashten having one of his numerous conversations with Papa...Unfortunately, I am getting quite bad at not taking pictures...I will try to do better...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy

Yesterday was Daddy's 32nd Birthday....and although we had grand plans to poured ALL DAY LONG....So there was no golfing in his day as he so desperately hoped for....but he did get to sleep in, breakfast in bed, presents, a balloon (which Preston thought was very important)a relaxing day, dinner out, a birthday cake, and his 2 1/2 year old singing him happy birthday ALL day long!
I can't believe my hubby is now 32....when did we get so old? Like a fine wine though, he sure does get better with age!
I love you honey~hope you had a great day!
(and this was Preston's first attempt at using a real camera to take a picture of Mommy and Daddy at the end of the evening...yes note-it is June and I was wearing a was THAT cold)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Day with Thomas!

A Day with Thomas
Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Mommy woke with panic and fear in the middle of the night....she had completely forgotten that Thomas the Train was coming to town....and that Sunday was the LAST day to see him....How could such a wonderful mother of a Thomas loving child forget?? Well, she didn't exactly so the next morning we woke bright and early and set off on the adventure of meeting Thomas!

After packing all morning for the two boys (why should it take so long to do this when you are only going to be gone a few hours??) we set off on the hour drive to Baldwin City...When we arrived Preston and Ashten took their very first ride on the glorious yellow bus...and almost did not want to get off until we saw Thomas!

It was a great set up and lots of activities for the kids to get their very own tatoo of their favorite Thomas character....Preston picked James of course....not sure if it is because he LOVES the color red or because it is the same name as he and his papa have??

There was story telling, videos, a magician and of course Sir Topham Hatt was there for a photo meet and greet!

and what fun event for kids would be complete without a petting zoo area...thankfully my kid is just like his momma and there was certainly no petting going on....he likes to view them from afar!

Preston was in awe of the glorious Thomas and very proudly posed with his little brother for a photo or twelve!

Ashten was quite thrilled as you can see as well...I do have to say he was very well behaved for being out in some very hot weather in the middle of the day...with well virtually no nap beside the car ride.

There is certainly not a "special" day in this household that treats are not involved...Mommy was eyeing the funnel cakes but P man wanted the very messy and melty ice cream cone! You can see who won out...

and before leaving we had to visit and play with ALL the different trains and tables they had set up for the kids....I seriously thought we were never going to be able to get out of this tent!

so I had to brib him with a ride down the slide!

The fire dept was also there and the big red shiny fire engine had to be sat on before we could leave...So Mommy thought it was necessary to get a pic of us as we waited patiently in line to document our first visit to Thomas...

After departing on our long drive home...and stop through McDonald's --Preston finally took a second to relax and stop talking about Thomas and how much fun it was to meet him...and decided to join his brother in a much needed nap!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Stair Play"

"Stair Play"
I am not quite sure that everyone would agree this is good parenting or not...but we believe in "stair play" at our household...and beings that Ashten is now 8 months old and never been introduced to the stairs....he needed to be! It's funny how on the second go around some things get over looked-like the introduction to stairs...Preston had found these wonderous things months earlier as he was actively crawling up them at 6 1/2 months.....despite our best efforts though Ashten had no desire to attempt to crawl up the stairs to Mommy, but rather pull himself up on the easily accessible spindles...
Preston, of course, is a great big brother as I have mentioned numerous times before and can never quite be left out of the mix....Anything that Ashten is doing, Preston MUST insist on joining in....
My sweet, sweet, sweet first born.....posing for the he has learned to do through his many photo sessions...