Monday, June 28, 2010

Trains, Trains, Trains

Trains, Trains, Trains....

We visited the line creek train station the other day on one of our many outings with friends and playgroups this summer....Last time we were here was for the boys birthday...and we forgot how much we LOVE to ride the choo choo!
Preston riding with his good friend Ella!
and Ashten taking it all in with Mom!
Ashten, Preston and Ella NOT wanting to get off the train when it stopped!
No trip to line creek is complete without visiting the alligator
and creek for some rock throwing!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Someone turned 33!

Someone turned 33!

Someone turned 33, but were not telling who! We started the big 33 celebration at the house with some drinks and cake with our neighbors....Unfortunately a huge storm blew in and the power went out--thank goodness for the 33 candles!
The next day we woke up quite early (ie Mom woke up quite early) to pack the car for a family celebration in Omaha, NE to visit the amazing zoo and stay and the infamous CocoKeys Water Resort.
The Zoo was awesome (just as we have come to expect) It is kind of funny how Preston is getting to the age where he remembers things that we do OR he is just listening to mom and dad talk and told us about how he had been here before with Nina and Papa..
Mom, Preston and Ashten in the Desert Dome
Ashten having "no fear" in petting the goats...
notice mom is hovering and waiting to scoop her baby up from the goats
Preston feeding the birds in the bird house
They loved looking at all the animals, imitating the animals and really did a great job sticking together
Daddy's favorite the tigers and lions
After a long, hot day at the zoo we went back to the hotel and unwound a little with some swimming at CocoKeys and pizza! The hotel was definitely a disappointment in regards to the quality you'd expect from a holiday inn and the rate we paid--but we made the most of it!
A little cuddle time with the birthday boy
and a little playing in the crib!
We did get some CocoKey time in after the Zoo (I can't believe they didn't crash) and some late in the afternoon Preston in heaven!
We were moved to the hotel pool for awhile the next morning as it we did a little swimming and jumping...Preston is excellent with a life jacket...Ashten on the other hand doesn't mind wearing it..but tumbles over and can't really hold himself upright yet!
Although a little nervous the first time, Preston LOVED the three "kid" slides they had (the smallest unfortunately was closed most of the time) and continually went down them as he avoided the giant watering bucket! Mommy and Daddy even got a chance to go down the "Big kid" slides and Ashten went down the two "little" kid slides in the watering tower area!
They also had a small play area with sprinklers and slides that they both enjoyed..
Except you HAD to catch Ashten at the end of this slide--it was so fast and flew him in the water--fearless! They both absolutely love the water and enjoy spending as much time in it as possible...swimming, jumping, running around...whatever as long as it involves water!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day


Do you know what the Best Daddy is doing on his special Day?? Working. Daddy got up and had to drive the train today at 5:30am....He is truly the best Daddy that we could have ever asked for...he does what he has to do to take care of us and provide for us everyday...We love him so much and are anticipitating "his" father's day celebration when he returns!!

We love you Daddy!
These are pictures from Daddy's birthday celebration with a few friends and neighbors....and YES.....

He is truly our "SuperHero" Dad!