Monday, January 21, 2008

The Edge!

The Edge


Preston has been "livin on the Edge"...or atleast going to the Edge!
It is this AWESOME gymnastic's place around town where he can run, jump and literally wear himself out!! Mom loves it...and LOVES the three hour naps afterwards as well!!
They have numerous trampolines (Preston's favorite), foam pit, large slide, moonwalk and ton's more to climb and play on!!!
He is quite the little monkey and has been getting braver evertime we go! He now thinks the couch's at home are little trampolines...unfortunately for him --Mommy and Daddy are putting a stop to that!
All of his friend's are digging this place too seems like we meet up with 5 or 6 other tykes we've told about it everytime we go!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Toys!

New Toys!


New Toys have been keeping Mom and Preston quite busy these days...It seems that Mr. Preston adamently believes that he must check out and ensure ALL of his toys are in working condition every day atleast twice a day! Thus ensuring that Mommy stays extra busy putting each and every toy back away throughout the day! So much fun....atleast for Preston that is!!
Although we haven't had too much of a chance to use his new sled, he did enjoy the one day we got to go out and play in the snow....and when I say we--I mean Mom and Dad....Preston wanted nothing to do with the snow...unless it was viewing it from the sled!
One of the most popular new toys atleast for Mommy and Daddy is the new Basketball hoop....We have a game of horse almost every day...Preston's favorite move is the slam dunk...followed with a high five....He is taking after his Mommy as she is the undefeated household champ....He loves to cheer me on and antagonize his daddy when we win...
Always a hit is a book....and we finally have a bookshelf for the young man...and he clearly does not like how Mommy organizes the shelf...He likes to reorganize it every day to Mommy's despair!
Yes, we have a police car now...Mr P likes to patrol the basement with it and flash the sirens whenever there is any infractions going on (or to simply get our attention and have us push him around)!
And finally, what would you do without a good lawnmower in the to keep the carpet nice and green!

He does love them all...and this is only a small sample of the new products that have filled our household since the holiday....can anyone say "spoiled"....oh well, we wouldn't have it any other way...Who can resist this little guye--we sure can't!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Great Holiday!!!

A Great Holiday!!!


We had a "Great" Holiday in Iowa with our family this past week....but unfortunately came home with a little more than just awesome presents....Preston came down with a horrific cough, ear infection, and a down right nasty cold....Therefore the reason it has taken us so long to post new pictures (sorry!). The P man is on the mend now with the help of lots of drugs...yeah!!
Before we left town, Preston had to check out the "AWESOME" free train at a local mall....He even talked a few of his friends into coming out and riding it with him...He did suprisingly well...Daddy and Mommy thought for sure once the train started to move...P would be out of his seat trying to escape...think he was too awestruck in what was happening to move...
And what would Christmas be without a visit to Santa!! Once again, Mommy and Daddy found a great deal...A "FREE" Santa...are there such things anymore?? YEP! The experience was much more fun for P waiting in line than when we actually sat him on Santa's lap...Although he must have told Santa exactly what he wanted bc he got it on Christmas Day!!
Preston was also quite amused with all the wonderful lights of the season...We had to talk a quick walk through this wonderfully lit park! (Yes, Daddy and P are in the picture..can you find them?)
Then it was finally up to Iowa to see all of our family...and boy...I am not sure Preston knew how much Family he did have!!! He loved playing with all of his cousins and getting loved on by the Aunts and Uncles, Gramma's and Grampa's! Above Madison and Ainsley....and below Cousin Aiden!
Preston also thought he was pretty up town when his Aunt Maggie gave him his own wine glass for the toast (non alcoholic of course)...Mommy and Daddy thought it would be best if we help serve it broken glasses at other people's house!
Another Christmas tradition is of course, heading off to church with the family...Preston got his best "duds" on and we would have to say the best looking little man around! He obviously thinks so too!
After Christmas, he FINALLY got to see what was under Nana and Papa's tree...nevermind he already had presents at his other Gramma and Grampa's house...He really wanted what was under this tree...he begged and begged but they would not let him touch one until after he just looked from his favorite ground view...
On Christmas Day, Santa came and before he could try out his great Santa gift...he wanted to go up and see his buddy Jace...and give him a xmas gift and birthday gift...Although, Preston was happy to see Jace--he was not happy sharing any presents with him..We've got to work on him not being a bully...look at the stare down!
Before heading home...(to MORE presents)...we had to check out the Awesome Sleigh Santa brought...He LOVED it!!! Here Papa is zooming him down the street....
Thanks to everyone for making Preston's 2nd Christmas one to remember!! We'll post some great pictures of Preston and the new presents he received...He loved opening them and keeps looking under the tree for more...sorry kid'll have to wait another year!