Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Boo-tastic Halloween!

Boo-tastic Halloween
The Boys had a Boo-tastic Halloween this year! We were able to do quite a bit of baking-Caramel Apples, Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Cookies, and Pumpkin bread (or pumpkini bread as Preston called it)! Preston really enjoyed the baking and getting to help as much as a 3 year old can...He was most excited about his sugar cookie creations!!
We also had LOTS of parties!! Our first was our PT playgroup at our house...unfortunately we had a few sick kids so the group was quite a bit less than normal...but it was probably more fun in that Mama was not so stressed out and there was plenty of room to play!
We also visited the Pumpkin patch and of course got a few pumpkins for our house. We were not sure if they would get carved or not as time ran out quickly on us...but Daddy and Preston insisted on completely this project Halloween Day
with the assistance of a jigsaw....Count Dracula was formed!
Trick or Treat night started off with the annual neighborhood party that we have attended the past three years...It is so much fun to get to hang out with our friends and see all the awesome costumes and eat up all the scrumptious food!!!
Our little Pumpkin and Vampire!

and the "BIG" picture!! Please note this is not even 1/10th of the kids in our neighborhood!

Ashten's first time "walking" up to trick or treat!! He loved the bucket and candy inside--not to eat but just play with....He however spent most of the night in the stroller

as Preston RAN from house to house....I think we may have hit 80% of ALL the houses with lights on....Preston had the best time! He was so excited by the fact he got candy from every house with little effort involved!!! It was fantastic to see him love every minute of it....and not complain once...the kid was wearing "penny-loafers" and still ran and ran and ran and ran!

Of course we ran into many of our friends in our running and would stop for a quick picture...but no time to talk...there was too much candy to be had!

We did most of our trick or treating as a family this year...A ) because Preston ran at his own pace and the friends his age couldn't keep up....and B) because the older kids had much scarier masks and Preston was quite unsure of them! We only had one instance during the entire night when a very, very scary house scared the cr*p out of Preston and made him hysterical...It was aweful, but it did not damper his night for too long bc once we left he was ready to run some more! We finally convinced him it was time to stop and returned to play with some neighbor friends late into the night....It was a boo-tastic halloween!