Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Thoughts!

Random Thoughts.....

Okay, Okay....I have been getting worse and worse about actually putting pictures and updates on the blog....I promise there is good reason...but you're right there is really no excuse! Here is a little bit of what Preston and the family have been up to lately!!
Posing for a "photo op" with friend Mallory.....the two little ones with Mallory's Mommy, Emily took me out for lunch for the big 30th birthday....Yes, that is one of the many reasons I have been absent from blogging....I am old...and depressed....:) Oh, I am just kidding...30 isn't that bad!
Storytime with Megan at one of our weekly playgroups....look at all of our great listeners....okay--this really only lasted maybe a minute or two for all of them to stay content...but hopefully they will all get better!
We are having "color" playdates at our other playgroup and this was BROWN day...what an awesome idea!!! Preston is a little young to know all of his colors, but I really think this exposure by the older kids is helping!
Of course, one of Preston's favorite activities is still talking on the phone...I think he talks to his "papa" and "nana" more than Mommy does these days....Oh, and check out the cute PJ's--aren't they the truth "If I'm not happy, Nobodys happy"
This is a total RANDOM pic...just to illustrate Mr. Preston's cuteness and his continued fondness of hats....
Speaking of fondness, we ALL know Preston loves to eat...and Ice Cream is on top of the list...He received this cool Ice cream holder from Nana and Papa and thoroughly enjoys now feeding himself his own cone...It really is a "nifty" invention and keeps the mess somewhat contained!
We also celebrated Preston's cousin's first communion a few weeks back...Aren't Preston and his cousin's Madison and Ainsley adorable all dolled up!!
Enjoying the "feast" afterwards...notice Preston is sitting on a "big boy" chair and feeding himself...he enjoys doing this quite often as opposed to the highchair...where oh where has my baby gone!!
Chillin' with daddy's side of the family at the gift opening...we are also working very much with Mr. P on sitting patiently and quietly...he is doing okay for a toddler but not as well as Daddy would like...oh well!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big Red Trucks!!!

Big Red Trucks!!

Preston and one of his Playgroups decided it was high time that these kiddo's got to visit a "REAL" firestation....or pretty much in their minds...the place with the BIG RED TRUCKS! The fireman were amazing and let the kids climb all over the equipment....and ask them many interesting and intriguing question...okay we'll perhaps not so much the second part...but they all loved it....
well almost all of took Mallory a bit to warm up...she was though in fact the only girl she was quite tough hanging with the boys!
"Look at me....future fireman in training!"
Okay, perhaps he just liked driving with a BIG wheel....better not suit him up yet...being in the truck was a little overwhelming...
Okay--the enormouse TRUCKS themselves were a little's a lot to take in for a little man !
He did love the trip---he talks about the BIG RED TRUCKS all the time....and the hat....well looks like we might need to go back and get another one...his is already worn out!

Wedded Bliss

Wedded Bliss


Preston attended his second wedding ever for his second cousin ( I think) Lyndsey.....He was a major trooper making it the whole day without a nap....except a short little snooze on Aunt Lisa at Dinner time...Oh don't worry--he smelt the food and awoke for his five course meal!
Preston was a little overwhelmed by all of the people, but he don't let that fool you...He didn't just hang out at our table all night....
he mingled with lots of relatives (he didn't know he had), laughed a lot....and even got picked up....yes, I guess the single women come out at all ages for a good wedding....thanks to Dustin though---I think Preston got a stalker..the girl would not leave Preston alone...I think he was slightly annoyed...
This (unfortunately for Mommy and Daddy) is one of Preston's new Idols....Uncle Chris...he talks about "Chris" and his "hats" and "shooting hoops" all the time now...
It was a long weekend for all involved, but a lot of fun too ( a little too much for Daddy--but we won't comment on that one) ....Mr P was certainly tuckered out and happily moved between Nana and Papa's sweet embrace all night....
It didn't appear they minded the snuggle time...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bug, Bug Go AWAY!!

Bug, Bug...Go Away!!!

Here is the story(a long one) of the "Bug" that just wouldn't go away....and the Daddy who kept missing it all....Thursday night (before Easter) Mommy came home and felt terribly sick...and pretty much layed near her death on the couch all day Friday....Daddy was gone and thought Mommy is just exaggerating and she is probably fine....He was home less than 14 hours overnight and off to work he went........Saturday came and Mommy started to feel slightly better but not much...Preston all the while tended to mommy's needs and played very well by himself...not really sure of what to make of Mommy's moaning and lack of movement from the couch...but when she did rise to take him to bed that night...she said "boy, I hope you don't get sick" and no sooner did these words leave her mouth, then did the vomited project from his mouth....and continued every 10-15 minutes for the next 4 hrs and 15 minutes...I have never seen the little guy so terrified and so determined to not puke in the sink, trash, toilet or bowl...but all over Mommy....10 outfit changes later (for each of us atleast)..and Mommy finally realizing not to go anywhere without the bowl... we finally settled into bed at 1:30am...(NOTE: Daddy was at work).......Easter Sunday the sun rose a little too early and the previous nights events: Puke, change clothes, clean up continued....Nothing I could do could persuade this little Man to eat or drink anything...for it all came out one end or the other....Daddy finally made it home Sunday evening...only to inform us...He was rather sick too all day long....Needless to say, there was no Easter fun for any of us....but atleast Daddy thought he missed the majority of Preston being sick...Monday, was a bright out look for all of us...Mommy and Daddy felt quite a bit better and Preston appeared to be on the recoop...He laughed, played, and ran around..but still would not have anything to do with eating or drinking...Daddy went off to work that evening and of course on Tuesday morning, Mommy awoke....not to the rooster (aka Preston Jaymes) she usually does but on her own accord...was little man sleeping in...surely not until 10am...Mommy finally decided enough was enough and entered Mr. P's room only to find that he had vomit and diarrhea everwhere! And with no luck again getting him to eat or drink and all Mr P wanting to do was sleep Mommy decided it was high time to get to the ER...The nurses and Dr's looked quite puzzled...and really didn't believe he was dehdrated by his looks but drew his blood and started an IV due to the recount of his story thus far...4 hours later in the ER...we were told...that we would be settling in for a nights stay...little Preston was way more dehdrated than he was letting on to anyone...I tell ya...we have a tough cookie! Another 3 hours and we finally moved to our room....and Mommy and Preston settled in for a long, long night! Here is little man after a nights attempt at sleep...he did very well in this crib...and Mommy suprisingly did not have to sleep in it with him...such a tough boy!

Well, Daddy was suprised to hear of the events...he is after all still at work....but would be returning on Wednesday afternoon...the approximate time the Dr told us on Wednesday morning that we would be released as long as Preston continued eating and drinking for lunch...he did great for breakfast.....go figure...isn't that how this story has worked thus far! Well, Preston decided he had enough of Daddy get out of taking care of him...and decided to extend his stay by not eating or drinking anything at lunch....Then Preston was told, he still was going to have to go home after dinner (even if he didn't eat or drink) as long as he hadn't puked....well he wouldn't have it any other way...the dinner tray came in the door...and the smell alone made him puke all over....guess he really wanted to see Daddy in the crib with him....

We were pretty much quarantined to our rooms for two nights...watched lots of ELMO...and refused lots of food and drink...and wanted to talk to his "Papa" quite frequently and persistently!

Also persistent...was Preston's desire to get the heck out of this place....Poor guy just felt miserable....and let us know it...when he gathered the strength.....

And ever so dilegently told us us about leaving in the car....and going home...

We did finally leave Thursday afternoon....and continued to fight this bug for the next several days....We are hoping that now on day 12 or 13 or whatever it is...he is finally on the road to recovery...We have not vomited in two days....and our food and drink intake has slowly increased...he is also starting to get some energy back and shows signs of his old self...the major feat our very very RED tushy...that he screams in pain when we must change the diaper (YES we have all the right ointments)...I really do not think as a mom I can take seeing much more pain in my little bug if you are listening.....Please, Please......BUG BUG GO AWAY...

Easter Happenings!

Easter Happenings!

Easter was well "unusual" for us to say the least....It is usually spent back in Iowa with Family and Friends...this year however we decided to stay home...THANKFULLY we did....As Preston came down with the NASTIEST Tummy Bug imaginable....prior our entire household becoming infected...(and a little during) we managed to celebrate the holiday!
It was filled the coolest looking Easter Basket ever...from none other than Nana and Papa.....Really ...I don't think the Easter Bunny (or Mommy) could top this homemade creation....Thankfully Nana and Papa said Preston could open it early...therefore he enjoyed it for a few days prior to infestation...
We colored Easter eggs.....Okay, Mommy and Daddy colored the eggs...But Preston did a great job adding the sticker "faces" to the eggs....He was very particular on where each one went!
We attended "TWO" Easter egg hunts....and Preston came home with more EGGS and candy than even Mommy knew what to do with! For those of you wondering, Mommy and Daddy in no way, shape, or form helped pick up an egg....our only requirement by Preston was to carry the bucket and to keep up...Man was he quick!
Preston also received a special present from his other gramma and grampa, his cousins' Madison and Ainsley and his buddies Jackson and Grace...Seriously--Mommy doesn't remember receiving one chocolate bunny..(boo hoo...I know...a little exaggeration...), let alone numerous in point...spoiled...but he definetely deserved it due to the "BUG" that was about to hit him...
Oh yeah, let's not forget the presents the Easter Bunny left....or the Bunny's Egg hunt...or from Mommy and Daddy....Yep' Spoiled!