Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Turning into a BIG Boy!!

Turning into a BIG Boy!!!
Preston is growing up way too fast!! As January comes to an end, Preston has been very busy trying out new--BIG BOY things and improving on the strong physical skills he already has...He is growing up too fast for Mommy and Daddy!
Mommy and Daddy took advantage of our 60 degree day two weeks ago and decided to get Preston out of the house (while we had a chance)! We went for a short walk in our neighborhood and for the first time, Preston took a ride in the stroller without the carrier....He LOVED it!! Now that he can sit up so well, he can see so many new things!!

Yes, that's right...He has also been perfecting his sitting up pose for the past month and is getting better and better at it every day!

Preston has also been learning to laugh and giggle a lot more!! He quite enjoys his "naked" time, as you can see!!!

Mommy is extremely proud of this new skill he is attaining---"chilling". He hasn't mastered it yet, but he is working on it! Two weeks ago at group, he just decided to lay down and take in all the action...
Preston held "playgroup" at his house this past week and although most of his friends had to stay away due to colds....Oliver and Lucy were still able to come over...he decided to invite his friend Mckenna over as well...they all had a great time...and yes he most certainly knows how to push up and is very very strong at it!!
At our last group, Preston heard how FUN it was to take a bath by yourself....all of the kicking and we decided to try our first "alone" bath in our new duckie....He obviously didn't share the same mentality as his friends did.... He much prefers to take a shower...and pretty much screamed like this the entire time!!
"Get me outta here!!"

Sunday, January 21, 2007

4 1/2 Months!

Preston is now 4 1/2 months old!!!
Wow, time certainly flies when you're having fun!! It has been a whirlwind in our household, but don't think we would change a thing! Preston has been the best blessing we could have ever asked for!!!
Well, we had our 4 month Doctor's appointment and here are the stats:
14lbs 11 1/2 oz (50th percentile for weight)
26 inches (90th percentile for height)
17 1/2 inches (85th percentile for head)
Very LONG and LEAN!!!!
Preston has found a new love for jumping!! He is our little tigger and enjoys his jumping time especially if Mommy or Daddy jumps with him....why does mom even bother going to a gym?
We have also discovered how to get up on our knees. He is already rocking back and forth and will not be suprised if he is crawling very soon....Mommy and Daddy are very excited, but not quite sure if we are ready for him to be that mobile yet!! He is just not willing to sit still!! I WONDER where he gets that from!!
We also had to make our first trip to urgent care and first fever this month.....and I am sure it is just the first of many (if he takes after Daddy at all!)...Thankfully, it turned out to be more of just a "practice" run and he was just fine..(yes, we are very overprotective parents...and the slightest touch to the ear makes us run to the Doctor....we know!)

Isn't he too cute ...even in the hospital gown! We couldn't resist snapping this shot before we left!

Friday, January 5, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to Everyone!!!!

We had a GREAT holiday season and Preston Jaymes was loved on by many!!! He must have been an awefully good boy this year, because Santa was extra sweet on him! We had a very busy end of the year....Let me catch you up!
Preston was invited to his first Birthday Party!! He had a great time with his buddy Bode! Although, not sure Bode knew what to think of all the attention!
Here Preston is taking a sneak peak at one of his first wrapped Xmas presents from his buddy Bode!!! Of course he was amused by the pretty paper and bow!
Daddy made sure Preston didn't miss out on his first chance to see Santa...Here they are waiting in line...he told Santa everything he wanted and suprisingly..NO TEARS!
Finally, we headed off to Iowa for the Holidays to see our Families! First stop was Gramma Chris and Grampa Steve's house....Here he is showing off his new stocking with daddy!
He loved his new puppy that he got from Gramma and sings lots of songs ...which of course he LOVES!!!
Again, amused by a "BOW"...maybe we should have just wrapped up a box of those...I think Christmas might have been a little cheaper!!!!
Next, Preston Jaymes got to meet his Grampa Steve's side of the family for a large Christmas Eve lunch! He really did well being passed around and loved on by many! Here he is with his Great Gramma Ann and the other great grandkids at the party (from left to right) Aiden, Madison and Ainsley.
Preston found a very comfy place to take a quick nap with Great Aunt Kelly! Can't believe he slept with all the action going on!!
He loved hanging out with his second cousin Kate -who was back from Texas!
He did manage to miss mommy just a little and needed some playtime with her as well!
It was an eventful time though and needed another nap with Grampa!! Mommy and Daddy are wondering if we shouldn't do this more often because we NEVER nap this much at home!
On Christmas Eve night, we headed over to the other Gramma and Grampa's house...where he was once again .....SPOILED! Here he is with much excitment looking at all the presents with Gramma Lynn!
More pretty paper!!!! I think he finally figured out though that there was going to be a neat toy inside because he was very interested in getting the gifts opened!!
Godfather Chris helped him with this one!
A little lovin' from Aunt Lisa....
"Look mommy ....another cool toy!"
"and a big green frog! WOW!!"
(that of course sings and lights up!)
Again, he got tuckered out opening all the gifts and had to take a break with Grampa Jim in the easy chair!!
When we finally got home from Iowa on Christmas Day, there were MORE presents!!! Preston was turning into a pro at this point and tearing off some of the paper himself!
Daddy's so proud he is starting his influence on making Preston a Nascar he is checking out one of his new books....mommy's atleast happy it's a book!
" toy tastes good!"
All toys are supposed to go in the mouth...right??
He was even intrigued with daddy's toys!
Here is our little man...showing off his muscles by doing a few push ups in front of the new dinosaur toy his cousin Ainsley passed on to him!

We had a wonderful Christmas in Iowa...and at home!! Thank you to everyone who made our Christmas extra special this was one to remember!!! Hope yours was as wonderful and joyous as ours was!! Thank you!!!

Oh yes, and New Years......if you are wondering how we brought in the New Year was very very excited....we were in bed by 9:30.....guess that is what happens when you have a four month old!!!