Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas at Gramma Chris and Gmpa Steve's

Christmas at Grma Chris and Grmpa Steve's
The final edition of the Christmas posts...Grma Chris and Gmpa Steve's house! We celebrated on for Christmas Dinner at their house with our cousin's Madison and Ainsley, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Josh and Great Gramma Auge...of course the pose'd pictures in front of the tree were done as usual!
and with the Grandparents
and just Great Gramma
And in case you thought I was over exaggerating...the above pictures show just how much Preston is "anti" pose'd is very difficult to get a forced smile or a look into the camera!
After the delicious Lasagna that one of Gramma's friends brought to her, we opened our gifts! The kids were all over the place--okay my kids were ALL over the place and trying to open everyone gifts!!! Preston is just at that age he thought even his cousin's needed help!
Ashten, Ainsley and Madison rolling around on the floor playing....of course Mommy thought--how cute, Preston should get in there....Once again, I forgot-my three year old is NOT into pose'd pictures....and perhaps it was better just to take the cute picture I got that captured the moment!
Ashten helping Daddy open one of his gifts......
and working on one of his own! Notice once again he decide the larger present makes an excellent seat for a kid his age!
or a bed, or just simple something to play on....Once again reminding us that at 15 months--boxes make the best gifts!

We had a great time visiting with our family and were very sad that the trip came to an end too soon! Daddy unfortunately had to get home and go to work...yikes!!! But it was probably for the best as it took the next week to unload the car, open all the gifts, find new spots and take down the christmas in our own home!