Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Jason and I joined a group of neighbors this summer on a coed sand volleyball team...and boy was it fun and a little frustrating as the season ended tonight on a sad note--we lost! The boys were really great cheerleaders but we made the mistake one night of letting them play in the sand after a game...and this is what we came home with....
and Ashten
hhmmmm...you can only imagine how long the bath took this night..
yep...imagine a little longer!

80's Night

80's Night
We had a rare/fun night out with neighbors recently--80's themed AGAIN! Yes, this was mommy's second 80's party within a year...too bad I really don't remember the 80's or wasn't old enough to enjoy the outfits or music!
Slash and his groupie getting ready to head out...thankfully Nina and Papa were in town and happily helped us with the boys!
The awesome host and hostess
my rival groupie
cyndee lauper and her mullet man
flavor flav and madonna
some rockin' 80's fashion
pac man?
and slash prior to winning the award for BEST COSTUME....yeah me..oops I mean yeah Slash!