Sunday, March 28, 2010


So MUCH has happened in 2010 already in our Household...I am hoping that things slow up a little before this year passes us by! I have had quite the eventful past few months and thus probably why I have not been updating as much as I should!
Surgeries for Mom
I underwent two surgeries this year both are having great results! My wonderful husband finally convinced me to do the Lasik eye surgery and I am definetely glad that I gave in. I am not a 100% yet, but am extremely excited to not have to worry about contacts anymore...We will see in the next month whether or not I need to do a correcting surgery to enhance my eyesight even further!
My second surgery was rhinoplasty and septum repair--yes totally medically covered. It seems that I inherited my father's nose and the septum and cartlidge was quite out of whack! The experience was not one that I would like to repeat--very, very painful...and sorry I will not expose you to those aweful pictures....but the boys did get a fantastic treat of a visit from Nina and Papa! I am sure it was a great visit for them and for Jason to have the extra help...I would like to say that I remember much, but I was pretty out of it for this visit and spent much time in the bed~!
The Boys
The boys are doing great, growing up too fast as every mother I know says....but it is so true! They either LOVE to play together or LOVE to fight! We are hoping this winter is finally coming to an end and we can get out of the house....they have too much energy to be cooped up all the time....thus why we have daily dance parties! Preston's favorite music at this time is "boom boom pow", "single ladies" or anything my lady gaga!
Ashten is starting to become more and more verbal every day! I love that he is able to communicate better these days, but he still enjoys the good ol temper tantrums...I think we will see the terrible two's with him...something I think we entirely missed with Preston! They are both very good at trying to manipulate us or others to get what they want!
Although we have not had a Dr's visit in awhile, I believe Preston weighs about 38lbs and Ashten is 27lbs...Ashten is moving into taking more of one nap a day now and has proven to us that he does not want or need as much sleep as Preston....usually 2 hrs is about all we can get! As always we are busy with playgroups, playdates and bday parties!
Valentine's Day
Our Valentine's Day was extremely low key this year....We had two playgroup parties that we planned to attend but because of illness (both ours and others) we didn't make it to either...Such a shame thought because Preston worked REALLY hard at making his own vday cards this year...I was such an impressed mommy! We enjoyed a quiet day at home with lots of good food, beautiful flowers, wonderful presents and just some good ol family lovin!
Birthday Suprise
My sister celebrated her 36th birthday this past month and was a little upset that the entire family was going to miss her party to, well, uh, come to visit us...Unfortunately, or fortunately a huge snow storm hit and Nina, Papa, Chris and Maddie were unable to come here so they stayed in town for the party....Feeling a little left out--Preston, Ashten and I woke up on Saturday morning and decided within 2hrs to pack up and take the 5 1/2 hr road trip (by ourselves) to make the festivities! It was my first trip with the boys alone and something totally out of the norm for me, because A) I don't like to travel alone and B) it usually takes me a week to pack and plan a weekend trip...but we did it and I think everyone was glad we did!
It was so much fun hanging out with everbody, but for me it was especially nice to have some "girl time" with my family! We had a lot of family time and shopping time (which I love)!
I also got to spend a little more time with my brother's girlfriend Maddie which was very cool and fun!

Ashten was a little upset when we first arrived to the party--but hey who wouldn't be in a place that they didn't know, after a long cartrip, and hardle any nap....He was a trooper though and although there were not any toys there for him to play with--he made his own....Beer cases also double as building blocks if you didn't know!
and pet cages make for a petting zoo experience!
Nina and Papa in a rare picture *gasp* without a grandchild in tow!
Preston was a little upset with Uncle Dustin that there were no balloons or candles for the bday party bc who has a party without-right? But he had a great time and was all too happy to wish his aunt lisa a happy birthday anyways!