Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer time fun has begun!

Summer time fun has begun!

Although Summer may not officially begin for a few weeks, I think we can safely say Preston's Summer is officially on it's way!!!

Let's see....
We have been to the Park--Check
We have been to the Pool ---Check
Annual Block Park Party--Check

Sunscreen, lots of Barbeque, lots of friends....yep....Summer has begun in our household anyways....and it is starting off pretty good! We have been to the Park numerous times already this summer...and Preston is a big fan of Swings....and Slides...go figure...same thing Dad says he always loved!
Here is P and all of his friends swinging.....
and going on the merry go round for the first time!
Our first outing of the year to the Pool~stylin in Elmo of course!
Preston wasn't too sure of the water at first but after a little bit of time he tolerated standing at the side...not really much else!
Daddy and Preston
Our Annual Block Party....The Firetruck came again!
Preston, Mommy and Sprout...(Daddy had to work )
Practicing to fight the fire with his buddy Jack-Jack!

Chillin in someone else's chair...fightin the fake fire was a lot of work!

Checkin out his buddy, Ethan's ride...good thing Daddy wasn't around or else this would not have been tolerated...

Here's to hopin the rest of the summer is going to be just as fun!! We're off to see Papa and his family and our buddy Jace....will post more soon!

Going to the Farm!

Going to the Farm!


We took our first outing of the summer to a Farmstead a few weeks ago and it was AMAZING!!! Let me say it again---AMAZING!

$0 admission

Sack Lunch from home

$Few Bucks for Activities

$Lots of Bucks in Gas (LONG drive)

Priceless= a Memorable First Outing for the Summer

Last year we took Preston to his first Zoo outing and we thought he really enjoyed the animals....this year...He LOVED the animals!!!
I have to admit both Daddy and I were shocked he went into the goats cage willingly and even threw them a piece of feed or two! Preston is usually weary of uncertain situations, especially with animals that get too close... He really wasn't afraid though at all of the goats!
He was so inquisitive...well as much as a toddler can be at his age....It was just so fun to watch him examine and interact with each of the animals...calling them by name or talking to them in their native tongue...(quack, moo, chirp..etc)
This farm was very VERY cool, I have to admit...they even had an old school house...fully equiped with a children's desk that of course Preston had to try out...and in case you can't figure this one out...he even tried on the Dunce Cap and chair in the corner...
They also had Indian tents....or a big playhouse as I am sure Preston thought it was!
And no farm is complete with lots of BIG tractors....
Mommy, Preston and Sprout had to "pose" of course!
This is Preston attempting to stir the log pot...He is quite into doing what the "older boys" do all the time and he saw some "older boys" completing this of course he had to join in!
Probably my favorite activity of the day was feeding the baby goats their bottles...Once again, P-Man jumped right in and had no fears about feeding these guys...Mommy on the other hand was excited but a little nervous...especially when they swarm you for food or you get the attention of an aggressive baby...they want their MILK!
Preston also had to check out the tractor course...Unfortunately his little legs couldn't touch the ground or the petals (not that he knows how to petal yet) so Daddy got a little work out pushing him on the track!
All in all it was as I said in the beginning an AMAZING day...There was so much to do and we spent a good 5 hours exploring this place--from taking the walk on the trails, to visiting the Dairy Barn, Playing on the awesome Playground, watching kids fish, eating a picnic lunch, exploring all the animals to be found...we can't wait to go back again soon...It was such Great day, but a tiresome one at that!
We barely pulled out of the parking lot....and made it two blocks before Master P was out... Hopefully this is only the start to an Awesome summer!