Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our little Sweetheart!!

Our Little Sweetheart!!


Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!!! We had a wonderful one as always with Mr. P!!! He loved all the presents....of course and the CHOCOLATE...hmm...I wonder where he gets it from.....So thank you to everyone who helped make it very special and for the awesome Valentine's!! It was a wonderful couple of days for us...since you know we can't let the celebration last only a has to last at least a few days...right?
"Look at all these presents....for me??"
"Papa, I am not sharing any of this with Mommy or Daddy!!"
"Love me new kissing Elmo!"
"Lucy's a little upset she wasn't my only Valentine this year!!! Don't cry!"
Again, we had a great time celebrating with all of our Playgroup friends, neighbors, and family....thank you!!! We love you all and hope you had a terrific Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Gymnist in Training!

Gymnist in Training!

We have officially created a monster....a dare devil monster that is! Preston loves his acrobatic's and nothing makes him happier than climbing, jumping and tumbling...on whoever or whatever he can! Just see below!!
An old favorite...the toss by Daddy....mind you this one scares the "beegees" out of Mommy, but hopefully it won't be happening too much longer...seems Preston is getting a little too heavy or Daddy is getting too weak as sore muscles were complained about after this event last night!
A new place we found is called Air Zone...very similiar to the gymnastic's studio but this one with only with inflatable equipment....Our little climber in action...mind you --he really wanted to jump off the edge of this block when he reached the top...
More inflatable fun to run and jump...atleast this one has cushioning everywhere to help ease the falls....
He has also been working on his coordination....Preston thought he was quite the star as he completed this very VERY high balance beam..Many MANY times!
And slides have also become a new favorite....atleast on this slide he is able to go UP and DOWN by the Air Zone and Gym Mommy must make the trek UP and DOWN with him...
Unfortunately our new found love for gymnastics is not limited to the gym or air zone...or appropriate places....He now believes he is able to complete his acts of great talent anywhere and everywhere he off his friend's ottoman's onto their couch's (a two foot jump I might add) or by trying to jump off the bottom of the stairs...or utilizing the bed or couch as a trampoline...Yes, Yes, Mommy and Daddy are working very hard to correct these behaviours but as we have been finding out...our son has a very strong will! I really wonder where he got that from?