Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Did anyone call for a superhero? I think I found quite a few that could come to the rescue...they all seem quite capable of flying faster than a speeding bullet...and being stronger than a moving train!
This is what happens in our neighborhood....when we get a little bored...or need to break out of our old routines.....
It all started with two little boys very special requests....could they please....pleeeeaaaassssee wear their pj's outside..who could resist this smile....certainly not this mom...
and not only did ALL the other kids feel the need to join in, but the dog's too!
What a memorable night....
for our brave little superhero's!
They made sure all our houses were safe..
thank goodness for nights like these...
and for the friends we have to share in the memories with..
for the kids....and the parents!

First Big Spill of the Season!

First Big Spill of the Season!!

It's official-We had our first Big Spill of the Season! Thankfully it was just a little road rash that a little tender TLC took care of!

The sad face that Preston used quite often to milk the injury for as long as possible!

and showing me that a little attention is all that he needed to make it all better!

I am sure this will not be the LAST or the BIGGEST accident we will have this has probably just begun with two crazy, daredevil boys!

Easter Fun!

Easter Fun
Easter was a little more low key than normal this year--kind of a theme! We spent the weekend at home...and celebrated a day later than most others...but all in all it was a fantastic weekend! We attempted an easter parade but it could barely be called that as it lasted a mere 5 minutes!

Enjoying our Mcdonald's on the cold morning!

Elmo--probably the highlight of the parade!

Our attempt in getting the boys into the festive dying experience...although the lure of friends and different toys was too tempting for them!

Wish I could say this was over excitment of coloring the eggs, but it had more to do with what one of his best buddies Jackson was saying!

The Boys and their (er mom & dad's) creations!

We had our "Easter Bunny" visit a day later than most other kids due to Daddy's work schedule and the probability that the Easter Bunny would have more time to spend in OUR house hiding the eggs.
By this time, Ashten ACTUALLY got the idea of finding the easter eggs-not necessarily just finding one and being "all done"

The boys and their over flowing Easter Baskets!
I have more pictures of the boys at the neighborhood and playgroup easter egg hunts, as well as the splendid easter presents they received from their grandparents--Unfortunately I cannot get the pictures off the new camera/video fun and onto a place to put them on here...don't worry I have technical support coming in so this won't happen again!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Maddie and Chris for the Weekend!

Maddie and Chris for the Weekend!
The Boys got a suprise visit from Uncle Chris, Maddie and Kobe a few weekends ago and they LOVED this suprise! Preston and Ashten were ALL about this extra attention they received and were soooo excited to have them here--as was Mommy and Daddy (of course)!
Uncle Chris reading to the boys--one of their favorite pastimes!
and Do you honestly think they could come into town without going to the kid's favorite hangout--Chunky Cheese! We earned LOTS of tickets and even came away with a few prizes!
Maddie and Chris have a new baby of their own (the canine kind) named Kobe--so we had an excellent excuse to do lots of hanging out at the house..The boys did not mind showing off all of their toys!
The Dart guns were an especially big hit! Lesson learned though, we NEED more dart guns...and Yes, glasses are required when playing in our house
We did have a big bowling expedition prior to them leaving...and although Mommy was leading a good portion of the way, Uncle Chris pulled out the Big V....and as did Maddie and Chris for the couple's game, and Me and Chris for the Siblings vs non and the Gender War....Really, we had a MILLION tourney's so that everyone could win...well everyone except poor Jason!
Ashten and Preston also enjoyed a game of leisurely bowling in their own competition needed...they compete enough on their own! It was a good day, great weekend and we can't wait until we get to do it again!