Saturday, June 30, 2007

Building a Deck

Building a Deck

Gramma Chris and Grampa Steve came into town last weekend to help my cousin's daddy build a deck....It was great to see them......wish we had more time to spend together but the boys were busy!!! We did manage to get in one of my favorite activities.....the POOL!!!

Look at my "BIG" belly.....I am really working on getting the gut....Mommy and Daddy are so proud!!
I am starting to like the water more and more.....I even managed to handle getting in the floaty device and just was a first and now I LOVE IT! Swimming with Gramma and Grampa is so much fun!!

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you.....I am lounging in a PINK shirt....real men can wear PINK....atleast that's what Mommy and Aunt Lisa told me as it was the only thing they had for me to wear once I went through three outfits at my cousin's house....My cousin's are very girly and I guess they didn't have anything nuetral! That's okay, Gramma and I were just supervising the process of building the deck....I don't think too many people saw me in their backyard!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Belated "Happy Father's Day"

A Belated "Happy Father's Day"


I know it is a few day's late, but we had to post a formal "Happy Father's Day" shout out to the BESTEST DADDY (as Preston says) in the whole world!!!
We hope Daddy had a great First Father's Day!!!
Yes, this is Daddy demonstrating to Preston how to utilize the "Big Boy" potty....a task Daddy hopes that Preston will learn early....This great shot was captured at our Zoo visit with Jace, when the Mommy's decided it was quite important we visit the exhibit called "The scoop on Poop"....Very informative!!

Zoo Friends

Zoo Friends

Preston and Jace FINALLY got to meet last week in Des Moines!! They got to hang out at the local Zoo and although it was not very large, it wore us all out!! We had an awesome time meeting up with Cari, Doug and Jace and getting to meet lots of new Zoo Friends! Here the kiddo's are getting all geared up for a day at the park....I am guessing this will not be the last outing for them...I see lots of water slides, amusement parks, museums in their future together!!
Preston was very intrigued by all the new animals......Poor kid spent most of the day looking over his shoulder...I don't think he understood the concept of cages yet and may have been a tiny bit worried these large animals may get too close!
Although the Zoo was rather small, it was the PERFECT size for our two little tykes! They both got in a great catnap (at different times) and still were able to see everything at the park! Daddy and Mommy were quite impressed that Preston took a nap in the stroller, he usually tries to fight sleep if it is anywhere but his own crib!
Although Jace is four months younger than Preston, he kept up with Preston quite well.....I think they are going to be super buds in the years to come!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lake Panarama ---Here We Come!!

Lake Panarama--Here We Come!!!

We finally took our first Summer Vacation trip of the year.....and it was to Lake Panarama!!! Yeah, Yeah, where the heck is that, right? Well, it's a little spot that my Grampa Jim's side of the family LOVES to go to every year....they have a Condo there, play lots of golf, hang out, and pretty much "rag" on each other's golf game....I guess there is also a pool, beach and lots of walking trails...We had a great time and I loved meeting new family and getting to hang out with Grampa Jim and Uncle Chris!!
Here is my Great Aunt Margaret and FUNNY Uncle Joe....Now, I know where I get my smile from....He was funny and I just want him to know I am working on my "stack and tilt"!
We tried to go out to eat on Wednesday with the entire family, but the usual "hot spot" in Guthrie Center was too busy....imagine that! So grampa, chris, dad, mom and me split to find food fast!! We couldn't wait two hours to eat...We had this BBQ place all to ourselves....very yummy!
I tried to figure out what the heck was the obsession with these long, heavy sticks.....everyone had one except me....Hopefully Grampa Jim will get me one -just my size--really soon....he promised!
My Uncle Chris is one of a kind....I really liked hanging out with him....He goes to SAU....he thinks I should follow in his footsteps and play ball there one day too....I don't look too bad in blue and red, do I?
Well, it was a great trip...I had a lot of fun and really didn't sleep much at all!!! Mom and Dad weren't that happy about that....oh well....Live now, sleep later!! I also got to go meet my friend Jace and go to my first ever Zoo trip....I had so much fun and can't wait to post about it next....

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!


Today was my Daddy's Birthday--(Shhh....don't tell him I told you but he turned 30!!!)
Mommy and I had a blast celebrating it with him even though I am not sure he felt the same way...Think he was a little bummed about the age thing...oh well! Mommy and I thought Daddy would have to go to work today, so we decided to celebrate the big day yesterday---boy was he suprised...We had some balloons (which I talked Mommy into getting....boy I love those things), made a special sign, wrapped a present, made a special birthday cake, and cooked him dinner....Wow isn't he lucky?
Daddy's getting a little older, so I thought I better help him blow out his candles....just so he didn't strain himself too much I was a little worried about the house burning was ALOT of candles!!!
My cousin Ainsley came over later that night to hang out while her parents went out to eat....otherwise we would have taken Daddy out to a Birthday Dinner.....I sure had fun following her around though and she showed me the neatest tricks on what you can do to windows....and all you need is lots of saliva and dirty hands....what fun!
Daddy didn't go to work as soon as expected and we got to spend most of his special day with him....We took him out for a scrumptious breakfast at the Corner Cafe and hung out by the pool in the afternoon...It was lots of fun...I hope Daddy goes swimming with me more often....We had a blast!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Look Back.....

A Look Back
It's hard to believe that our little baby is already 9 months old! It seems like time has flown by and our little baby is now a little boy.....It has been a wonderful 9 months and Preston has been a precious addition to our family...We are unbelievable lucky....Here is a little look back!
Our little newborn sleeping in daddy's arms while still in the hospital
(please note where they are both sleeping....aren't hospital bed's for the mommy?)
3 months old and preparing for his first visit from Santa Clause
(Holding his head high...and pushing up quite well...even working on sitting some)
6 months...Yes, we are trying to walk already with a push toy!! What a big boy!
9 Months old....Are you supposed to be able to be walking by 9 months?
Looking back and seeing how much he has grown and developed in only 9 short months is amazing...I can't imagine what's to come in the next 9 months!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Swim, Swim, Swim

Swim, Swim, Swim


Summer time is here and the Pool is open....Here we come!!!!
Okay, so Master P was not quite as excited about the Pool opening as Mommy was but I think he is getting used to the idea we are going to be spending A LOT of time at this oversize bathtub! We spent most of our first day at the pool sidelined and in total shock--He had no idea what in the world would possess Mommy to make him get into this giant tub....
As you can see, we are much happier sitting away from the giant tub and on dry land! He really is learning how to work Mommy over and get his way...clever little man!
On our second outting, it started pretty much the same....pure TERROR....but after quite a bit of reassurance he began to explore the possibility of maybe having fun getting all wet....
In the end, I think Mommy may win out on this one....I think he finally realized Mommy was right and the pool might just be a fun way to spend our hot summer days together!