Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

Ringing in the New Year
Preston, Ashten, and I had rang in the New Year very low key...so low it was 8:30 and we were ALL in Bed! Although our New Years was pretty uneventful, January has been anything but! We are so happy that all the BIG kids are back in school and our regular playgroups can resume! We have had a couple of pretty big snowfalls in January, but unfortunately only a few nice days to go out and enjoy the snow...On our first occasion, we decided to build this massive 6 ft + Frosty...unfortunately he did not make it through the night as some local kids decided he should be no more....We all mourned his loss, but were also quite upset we decided that of all places to build him the bottom of our sledding hill was not the greatest of ideas. We did finally remove all of his remains and were able to make use of our wonderful sledding hill a few times before the snow melted...unfortunately it was just mom and the boys...so no pictures this time!
Ashten continues to be our picky eater...you certainly could not tell based on his BELLY size, but he is picky...and really enjoys feeding himself!
Preston continues to work on spelling his name....I have to say that I am a very, very proud Mommy of this attempt he did on Patrick's Bday card...I tried to keep it for myself, but Preston insisted this was Patrick's bday card....so I hope they cherish it as much as I would have!
We have been out and about with the playgroups lately and meeting up one-on-one with other mom's....Our latest BIG adventure was to the bowling alley...Ashten proved to be more of a handful this time as he could actually muster enough strengh to now knock these balls off the holders...thankfully no pinched toes, fingers...but he is also in the stage of asserting his own free will...and does not listen to Mommy or Daddy very well...needless to say I was exhausted when we were done!
Preston can throw the ball by himself, but really got a kick out of using the ramp this time!
It looks like a strike!!! We didnt make it all the way through a game before the kids were done...but it should be noted Ashten had high score when the game was called...he was quite the bowling champ!
Preston also got to experience the thrill of going to "daddy's" haircutters....aka Sports Clips....and the lady LOVED him so much she gave him the MVP which included a wash and steamed facial towells....seriously the kid is 3!
We are making it a point to not let this cold weather keep us down much longer...and now Ashten is beginning to transition from 2 naps to 1...we are there most days but not all....we are able to shake things up a bit!