Friday, February 16, 2007

Mastering the Art of Sitting Up

Mastering the Art of Sitting Up
Preston really has mastered the art of sitting up this month!! He has been doing this new feat for over a month now and really enjoys the perks that it brings to seeing the world in a whole new light!
Such as being able to grab the kitty to give it a big kiss!
Or to play on his music station while sitting on the bench...yes we still stay near by but he loves it and does very well all by himself!
Or by being able to ride around in the cart at the store like a big boy and out of the nasty old carseat....
We can't go anywhere anymore without HAVING to get him out!

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day
We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day in 2007...We certainly did!! It was filled with lots of chocolates, roses, and love!! Preston had a very busy week celebrating this holiday...and of course he loved every minute of it!!
Mommy did too, as it was her first ever Valentine's Day, with two dates!! (that she loves very very much!!) Preston was tickled with his puppy he got on the big day as a present!
There was (of course) a party with his BFSG friends....where Preston got to give his very first Valentine's Day presents!! Daddy thought it was most appropriate he not only give his girlfriend, Lucy, a present but also her best friend, Mallory...(think Daddy is already teaching him the basics on how to make a good impression by getting in good with the friends!)
Here they are all posing for a Valentine's Day Picture!!
How cute are they in their Pinks and Reds!!! Preston is of course cuddled up next to Lucy....Ethan is leaning into Mallory....and well Zach and Oliver said "who needs a girl!"...books are more fun!
Preston even tried on the cupid wings....I think he makes the most adorable cupid I have seen yet!
A very Special gift arrived in the mail from Gramma Lynn and Grampa Jim!! More Presents!!! Daddy had to help a little but he loved the new sleeper and the card! He also received cards from his friends at the parents as teachers playgroup, his cousins, his other gramma and grampa and mommy's friend Lauren!
Valentine's Day would not have been complete though unless Mommy got to go out to eat with her two men....Here Preston is being a "Big Boy" and sitting in the highchair....and giving everyone that looked at his PINK binky the wrong way the evil eye...Hey, real men wear Pink....or atleast it's okay on Valentine's Day!!
Even the mean face is cute, wouldn't you say!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Christmas in February???

Christmas in February???
That's right, Preston is officially spoiled!! He received more Christmas Presents this past weekend from our good friends from the old neighborhood! He loves presents, as you can see.....
"All mine"!
"Mmmmm....paper good!"

"Ohhhh....pretty bow!"
Thank you so much Lori and Will and Glenn and Cindee!!!!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Mommy and Daddy Caved!!

Mommy and Daddy Caved!!!
Yes, we FINALLY DID IT!!! Preston Jaymes had his first taste of cereal two days prior to turning 5 months old!! We really wanted to wait until closer to 6 months, but after a little pressure from friends (no one to be named), a little anticipation by us, and Preston not gaining much weight as of late (due to his highly active nature)----we caved!!!


He was very interested in what was in the green bowl and more than willing to take the spoonful of very soupy rice cereal....

But once the spoon was in his mouth---he really didn't know what to think or what to do!!

He did very well trying the first few spoonfuls!!
Although I don't think much of it went down the throat...(darn tongue thrust) but rather back out the mouth and all over the clothes!!
We are happy to report though that tonight on his 3rd try....he finally finished the half a tablespoon of rice cereal .....and actually appeared to get some of it down and perhaps enjoy it....I think he may be catching on to this cereal thing as quickly as he appears to do everything else!!!