Saturday, March 15, 2008

Family Fun!

Family Fun


Nana and Papa were in town a few weekends ago to spoil our little Preston like no've got to love them!!! I keep telling my husband that I swear I DID NOT get spoiled like this from my parents the way they spoil their grandson...I am not quite sure he believes me though...Preston sure does love seeing them (and receiving all the cool presents!)
(and MONEY) for the piggy bank....
Mommy and Daddy thank you for the help with the early college fund too!

and if they are not here....he brings us the phone quite frequently and demands "talk to Papa" or "talk to Nana" ...thus meaning we should call them....regardless of what time of day it is...thankfully "papa" is up early in the morning and doesn't mind the morning call!

We also had a special treat of having "Papa's" brother's Rich and Joe (and a friend) into town just following Nana and Papa's visit....We loved having them out to stay and the delicious Roadhouse dinner they treated us too...Thanks! Preston also took full advantage of having someone new to "trick" into reading him a story or too!

All Things Crazy

All Things Crazy!


Yea, Yea...we know...It has been a long time since we have posted...too long!! So thank you to everyone who has been so patiently reminding publish new pic's...Here they are....Our CRAZINESS this past month has been topped by trying to teach a toddler that some days it is 70 degrees outside and a park is a lot of fun to go play on the jungle gyms.....
or feed the geese.....
and some days it is 30 degree's and building a snowman is the way to spend the day....
and somedays are best spent inside...playing dress up.....
everybody loves a princess right???
No, Mommy did not dress Mr Man up in the Cinderella outfit...he actually picked it out and one of his best buds older sister's dressed him and the little brother up....Guess he is just getting ready to doing a lifelong of "silly" things for us woman...He might as well get used to it now...He does make a beautiful princess...don't you think?