Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring is in the air!!

Spring is in the air!!


We LOVE the awesome spring weather we have been having here lately.....We have been taking full advantage of the wonderful temperatures and have been getting out as much as possible! Here is Preston and Mommy getting ready to go out and enjoy the 80 degree day....Yep, we both sported shorts today!!!
(Mommy was thankful to be able to fit into her shorts!!! Yeah!!!)
Preston and his two cousins-Madison and Ainsely visited the park this past weekend with Mommy....I think they all had a great time!! It was quite a trek for Mommy as she pushed a stroller (with all the supplies--diaper bags, waters, etc.)with Ainsley....had Preston in the carrier and Madison at her side....
Daddy got in on the action too (one day) and went out for a walk with Preston and Mommy around the neighborhood!
After a long day outside, there is nothing Preston loves better than being able to cuddle up with his kitty cat-Bailey......
(who is learning to tolerate him more and more every day!)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Open up and say "Ahhh"

Open up and say "Ahhh"


If you have met our son, Preston, then you know he has NO PROBLEM with this....He is becoming quite infamous for his big bright eyes, beautiful eye lashes....and the "ahh" face! I swear our child has his mouth wide open atleast 90% of the time....I think he must be looking for the next snack.....guess he takes after his mommy!!
It doesn't matter if we are.....
or riding.....
We LOVE to open up and say "Ahhhh"

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quack, Quack

Quack, Quack
Preston met some of his friends this week down at the pond to feed the ducks (and unfortunately the geese)!! It was a gorgeous day and Preston got to put on his first pair of shorts for the year!!!
He was very entertained by these animals and their crazy antics!! Mom was a little nervous with the geese around....Didn't really want any to attack my boy!
It was a beautiful day and the whole family really enjoyed the outing....We can't wait to do it again!

Friday, March 9, 2007

6 Month Check up

6 Month Check Up
Preston had his 6 Month Check Up today!! He had to endure 4 shots today and really wasn't pleased with Mom or Dad for allowing this to happen...We kept telling him it was for the best, but I don't think he believed us! Doctor Morris said he was doing great and although Mom and Dad were concerned about the lack of weight gain -we were assured there was nothing to worry about. He is just naturally a skinnier child (have you seen his daddy) and EXTREMELY active for his age!!!
His stats are:
15lbs 3 1/2 oz---Weight (25th Percentile)
28 Inches--Length (90th Percentile)
17 3/4 Inches--Head (85th Percentile)
Since he was such a great boy at the Doctor's, we decided to splurge a little for him and get him a pair of new sunglasses he had been wanting--Wee Shades.....and took him out for one of his favorite activities--a walk! It was gorgeous once again and he loves being outside! He is our little "Joe Cool"!
Earlier this week, Preston held the BFSG playdate at our house...he so enjoys when his friends come over for a visit...He had to show his girl, Lucy, the new piano toy he has....I think she really enjoyed it!
And once again, it was a beautiful day so Preston talked us into taking him and his friends out for a walk...Here they are prepping for the big event!!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Happy 6 Months!!!

Happy 6 Months!!!


Can you believe it, we are 6 months old today!!! Mommy and Daddy are certainly unsure of where the past 6 months have surely seems as though this MUST be wrong as we just brought this bundle of joy home last week...right?? Time has gone by fast and boy has our little man grown in the past 6 months!!


He is physically very strong...Preston was sitting up rolling over well by 4 months....Then around 5 months he started creeping around and well now at 6 months he is CRAWLING!! Yes, no more creeping...he now crawls!!! He is also pulling up on everything and is even able to walk behind one of his toys unassisted!! (although not totally stable yet)


Preston's diet has also changed very much....he has gone from nursing 10 times a day to only 5 or 6 now....and he has also had his first bit of "solid food" and loves it!! He started on rice around 5 months and has now greatly expanded his diet to include oatmeal cereal, carrots, sweet potatoes and the delicious "puffs"!


Preston's sleep schedule is also now much more on "Mommy and Daddy's" schedule! He is sleeping around 11 hrs a night--usually from 8pm til 7am....and compared to the earlier practice of waking every 2-3 hours...we are LOVING IT! Yes, he has the occasional nighttime waking but is doing great...and YES he is in his crib!! He really enjoys it there and does a great job falling asleep on his own!

(We did something right...yeah!!!)


Now, sleeping during the day is another story...Preston prefers to NOT sleep during the day but has been giving us about 2 or 3 ( 30 minute) naps throughout the day....and has even willingly started to take some of these in the crib as well!!! YEAH!


So much has happened and changed in our little man's life over the past 6 months --I just cannot believe it!! I have to admit that I am forever indebted to my husband for providing me with the opportunity to stay at home with our son....the last 6 months have been an amazing time for our family and I am truly blessed! I can't wait to see what the next 6 months has in store for us!!