Monday, September 24, 2007

Block Party!

Block Party

Saturday night Preston experienced his first ever--Block Party!!! He had a blast!! He ran wild with many of the neighborhood kids and had a great time staying up way past his bed time...It was a little hot though at first (ie red cheeks) but that didn't slow him down too much.....His favorite part was of course the big red firetruck!!! and the cool hat the fireman gave him...
Check out the little Fire Chief!
In case you didn't know, Preston has a new obsession with hats....he loved parading around in his new hat and everyone else's!
He finally did give up and found a nice cozy spot on Dad's chest....Daddy obviously didn't mind too much....He enjoyed the cuddle time.....with a nice cold refreshment!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

GIDDI-UP Cowboy!!


Preston has been gearing up for next year's RODEO!! Unfortunately, we had to miss the big event this year due to the 1st Bday--but next year we are there!! Preston's Gramma Lynn and Grampa Jim got him this awesome horse and hat to practice....
Our little cowboy showing hands and twirling the hat!
and trying out a few bull riding moves....he's got the one hand down pat....
8 seconds is nothing!
Watch out Jace.....Preston is ready!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

By Viewer's Request....

By Viewer's Request....


We have had a request to post a few pictures from the "Waterpark Outing" we had in Iowa with the grandparents a week before the big birthday!!! As a special treat in Iowa, Preston had the luxury of spending an afternoon at the Waterpark with two of his Grampa's and a Gramma (one Gramma had to work--darn it!).
Here he is checking out the kiddy area with dad.....
and going down a slide for the "FIRST" time by himself!!!!
and frightened the rest of the day due to the "water tank" dumping on him within the first five minutes of being at the park!
It really was too bad none of us Adults knew this was coming and could have tried to shield him from the downpour....poor kid was traumatized for the rest of the afternoon....A little tlc from Grampa....and his hat helped a bit....
but really, this is where he wanted to spend the majority of the afternoon....on mom, in the lazy river.....
Overall, it was really a fun day....hardly anyone was there due to school being back in session and it being a weekday....We had the run of the park and didn't have to wait in any lines...(yes, us adults enjoyed a waterslide or two!)....and Ice Cream afterwards always makes a good end to the day at the waterpark!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!


Preston Jaymes turned the big 01 today!!!!

Preston has been doing a lot of celebrating...actually it has been more like a Happy BirthWEEK!!!! He has been spoiled all week long by family and friends....and ENJOYING every minute of it!!! It started out with a Party last week in Iowa at Gramma Lemek's and ended with a Birthday Bash with family and Friends in Missouri!!! I think we have had enough cake in the past week to last us til next year...
"uh, I in trouble??"
"when are they going to yell at me to stop?"
"oh, wow!! another cake!!"
'mmm....this is the life!"
Thanks to everyone that helped us celebrate!!!