Monday, October 19, 2009

We LOVE Grandparents!!!

We Love Grandparents!!!


The above statement is obviously a given....but we can't help but rejoice in the greatness of grandparents especially after a month full of presents, dinners, and a great weekend visit! First Nina and Papa came to visit and of course they didn't come alone! They brought the boys some fantastic Halloween gifts--new matching sweatshirts (which are too die for adorable--I have got to get a picture), Nina treats, candy, Halloween decor...(even Mommy was blessed with presents--LOVE IT...Mommy never gets spoiled except by well her mommy!) and of course MONEY for the piggy bank! We filled the piggy banks so full that we even had to take a trip to the bank this week for the change counter--the pigs were too full too carry!
Of course, Preston could NOT let Nina and Papa visit without the glorious trip to "Chunky Cheese"! I think he actually believes that everyone works just to make money to go to this amazing fun place!
We all got in on the gaming action....knocking down ducks, basketball, air hockey, Deal or No Deal (which by the way mommy was addicted) and pinball!
On Saturday, Daddy was off to the Mommy, Nina, Papa and the boys braved the cold all in hopes of watching a parading and scoring some candy!
It was quite cold, but the candy was overflowing!! Well worth it if you ask Preston..
and a nice warm snuggle nap on Nina was in order as we waited for the Notre Dame game to end so that we could go eat at the other "must" when Nina and Papa are in town....The mouth is watering for the scrumptious butter as I type!
Yes....they all three were ecstatic as Notre Dame pulled out a great victory...and thankfully so bc the boys were dying to wear their matching outfits to dinner with Papa!
Of course we hit the boats (sans kids) and all lost...but what else is new...and lots of shopping and more eating were in order on Sunday! It was an amazing weekend...and we were all sad when it was time for them to leave...but never fear....we will see them again soon at Thanksgiving!!
We are also looking forward to Gramma Chris and Grampa Steve to come at the end of November...and Preston may even get to go back to FM a little early with them and stay to visit both sets of grandparents without his parentals....He is quite excited! He was also thankful to receive a box of gummy bears for Halloween from them as well....Thanks again Grandparents...We LOVE YOU!