Saturday, July 28, 2007

A few of my FAVORITE things!

A few of my FAVORITE things!

Our little cutie pie is becoming more and more assertive everyday with letting us know what he wants and what he definetely DOESN'T want....It is hard for mommy and daddy to resist all his cute little faces and therefore he ends up getting a lot of what he wants...
Here are a FEW of his favorite things these days......

Cherrios!!! A hit with most kids as you can see....this was a week or so ago at playgroup....somehow, someway...the kids managed to sneak into the back room and OPEN the cherrios container themselves....look at all the guilty faces as they get caught!
Showers have always been one of Preston's favorite "must do" activities.....He loves the water...and to run around nekkie afterwards....Look at the little poser!
And what good parents don't let their kids induldge in a little ice cream and brownie once in awhile!! Yes, our child will already know what cake and ice cream is by his first is sad, I know....but seriously the kid never sits as still as he does when you have ice cream in your hand....

Monday, July 16, 2007

Back on the Charts!!

Back on the Charts

I think I was a bad Mommy and forgot to post Preston's 9 months stats and therefore you probably don't know that Preston has fallen off the charts in weight due to his highly active here they are

Height: 28 1/2 (5oth percentile)

Weight: 16lbs 8 oz (less than 5th percentile)
Head: 18 3/4 (90th percentile)

The weight number really concerned the Dr and therefore we were put on a new eating regimen.....stuff the kid until he won't eat anymore or till he spits up after every meal....What fun! Our carpet is not the happiest with all of it's new stains, but the Dr is now happy--Preston is BACK ON THE CHARTS!!!! After 6 weeks of this new "diet" Preston gained a whopping 2 lbs...and is now at 18lbs 9 oz....and at the 10th Percentile for weight....YEAH!!! Per Dr's orders, we are too keep up with the "stuffing" approach until a year....Oh boy!

Friday, July 13, 2007

What a Week!!!!

What a Week!!!

It's been a BUSY week!!! Sorry for such a long time between posts, but we have just been busy, busy busy!! Last week was the Fourth of July, and boy it was a GREAT First July 4th for Preston!!! It started with being in his very first Parade with his cousin's Madison and Ainsley!! Sorry there are not great pictures of him and the awesome float (ie wagon) they had, but Mommy's camera batteries mysteriously died....go figure! Hopefully, I will get the good pic's from Aunt Lisa soon.....Until then, here is the only pic mommy has of Mr. P and his friends from the neighborhood--Jackson, Bode, and Ty!!
Gramma Lynn and Grampa Jim decided to come for a visit on a whim.....and it was a great change of pace for Preston and Mommy! We always love having them in town and are seriously sad when they is really too bad we do not live closer! Preston almost SCORED his first set of golf clubs while shopping with Daddy and Grampa, but Daddy was a "Party Pooper" and told Preston he couldn't have them!!
What a BUMMER!!!
Doesn't he look like the cutest golfer you have EVER seen!!!
Here Preston is trying to work his magic on Grampa for the new set of clubs....but Daddy put a stop to that!!!
Preston was already spoiled a little too much by Gramma Lynn and Grampa Jim this weekend!!! He received many new outfits, a few toys and of course a dinner at the Roadhouse!! I guess Daddy had a point in saying "no", Preston was still sad to leave the clubs behind, but didn't do so without first getting a lesson from grampa on perfecting the swing!
Before Gramma and Grampa left, they took Preston and Mommy to Panera for breakfast and it was YUMMY!!! Always delicious!!! We had a great time with Gramma and Grampa--thanks for coming down and come back again soon!! We hope to make it up to their place very soon!