Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy Birthday Mommy!
Mommy had a Birthday on Thursday--a very depressing day as it was her last twenty something Birthday--and it seemed as though nothing could get her mind off of Preston sprung into action... At first him and Daddy decided to shower her with a beautiful new ring...which was beautiful ...but she was still a little they decided to take her out to a very nice dinner...
which was great...but it and the Margarita really didn't do the trick...
so on the way home Preston decided he needed to do something drastic to take her mind off of the big day....He decided it was a good time to be really sick for the first time and PROJECTILE VOMIT everywhere in the car!!!
Yep, that did it!!
Mommy was no longer worried about the birthday and went into major Mommy
mode!! Poor little guy vomited four times that night, ran a fever for 24+ hours....and literally slept the entire next day away...He was a trooper though and seems to be getting over it for the most part today...He is much more active and begging to get back out into the real world (as you can see above) and is finally holding down the solids!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Toy

New Toy


Preston got his first "REAL" riding toy this past weekend and of course--
He is constantly begging us to push him around or zoom him back and forth!! He is such a dare devil...I think he takes after his Daddy a little too much! I think I may be in a lot of trouble as the years go on....good thing for GREAT insurance!


Friday, April 20, 2007

Houston, We Have a TOOTH!

Houston, We Have a TOOTH!!

At 7 1/2 Months, we FINALLY have our first tooth!!! What a week this has been! Preston has been working overtime trying to get his first one to break through and he finally did it today! He has been drooling excessively (causing a huge rash on his face) and chewing on everything as aggressively as possible...Although you can't REALLY see the tooth in this picture--he is trying his best to show it off!
Don't let the glimmer in his eyes and the wide open smile fool you....He has not been a happy camper at today--he is just overly proud at the accomplishment! Hopefully the next ones will not be as painful as this first one...because boy has he been a handful!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Having Fun at the Park!

Having Fun at the Park!
This week has been INCREDIBLE nice...and Mommy and Preston could not contain ourselves that we have been out to the park for the past four days!!! Yeah!! Preston was beginning to go stir crazy in the house after he learned how wonderful it is to be outside!! Here he is with his favorite park activity -swinging like a big boy!!
Of course going to the park would not be complete without Mommy getting a walk in at some point and Preston sitting back and enjoying the new scenery!!

While out on our walk on Monday, Preston and Lucy got to encounter a swarm of geese....they really didn't like us too well!!! They were a little "hissy" that Mommy and Nanthida did not bring any food for them....Ooopss, our bad--we will remember next time!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Evaluation Day

Evaluation Day


Today was our last visit for the "school year" with our Parents As Teachers Aid..and it was "Evaluation Day"! Thankfully, Preston is not shy in showing off his talents and didn't have any pretest he obviously passed with flying colors! The lady was extremely impressed with how advanced his physical skills were--reassuring Mommy and Daddy's belief's --Preston is way ahead of the curve!
We were told that based on Preston's physical abilities he was at a 13 month old capability stage!! Remind you, he is only 7 months old--this is absolutely crazy!! He can though-Roll over, Crawl, Sit, Sit from a Crawl, Pull himself up, "Cruise", Sit himself back down from a Stand, Stand alone for a significant amount of time, Attempts to take a few steps on his own, climbs stairs, and is starting to use the "pincher grasp"...I swear our son has no fear of falling and thinks he can do pretty much do anything!! Although all of this makes us extremely exhaused as we spend most of our time chasing him now...we are also extremely proud of our little boy!! He is turning into such a big boy!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend
We had a very busy weekend for Preston's first Easter! It kicked off on Friday, when the Easter Bunny came earlier for Preston since he wasn't going to be home on Easter Sunday and his cousin Madison came over for the day as she did not have school..Here he is checking out the Easter basket with Madison!
He had to try out the cool ears the Easter Bunny left him...Yes, he really didn't mind them being on his head...I think he liked that it got him extra attention!
After lunch, we decided that Easter would not be complete if we didn't dye some Easter Eggs!! Preston was in awe of this process...and really wanted to help out!! We really didn't want to have to deal with taking a "dyed" child to Iowa, so we told him he could only watch this year he can get into the action himself!
Daddy, Madison and Preston showing off their creations!! We got a little crazy with our they are obviously not the normal bright colors...guess that's what happens when you mixed three or four colors together!! They were the prettiest eggs Mommy has ever seen though!
After our egg coloring experience, Mommy's friend Lauren stopped over for a visit... Since we don't see her that often, we decided to play dress up and put Preston in the Komono (sp?) she got him as a shower gift from Japan...He looked adorable, eh? Lauren along with the duckie he got from Gramma Lynn cracked him up!
We finally left for Iowa on Saturday Morning ...and our usual 4 hour trip took almost 6 hours...Preston was obviously not happy with Mommy or Daddy for making him ride in the car seat that long! We made up for it as he had a great time getting lots of attention from his cousins at Gramma Chris and Grampa's Steve's that night!
And of course a little attention from Gramma too!
On Sunday, we went to Church with Gramma Lynn, Grampa Jim and Uncle Chris!! Afterwards, we relaxed a little and had a wonderful Easter lunch before heading back home...Here he is talking basketball with Uncle Chris...In case you didn't know, Chris is in college and working on his degree in Sports Management...Apparently, Preston is going to be his million dollar client one day!
Before we left, Preston got a little lovin from his Gramma Lynn as well!

Our trip home was a little better...4 1/2 hours this time...much more reasonable...I think Preston was a little wore out by all of the attention! We had a great Easter with the family, although the trip was WAY too short! Hopefully next time we can stay a little longer!!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Gramma and Grampa Come to Visit!!

Gramma and Grampa Come to Visit!!
Gramma and Grampa came to town to visit this past weekend and we ALL had a WONDERFUL time!!! It was so nice to see them again (it has been too long!) and we were of course--spoiled!!! We LOVE Grandparents!! Preston was on his best behavior and had a great time receiving all the attention and love!! As a special treat, Gramma and Grampa took us out to our favorite restaurant-The Texas Roadhouse!!
Preston had a great time every morning as he got a little one on one time with Grampa...He really enjoyed the fact that Grampa let him "chill out" on his lap to cuddle and play!
He didn't forget about Gramma either!! I don't think Preston got to be held this much since Christmas time...He thought it was pretty cool! He also loved all the cool gifts he got from Gramma and Grampa...I think the quacking duck and the bunny were his favorite....(Mom and Dad loved the books and clothes though!!)
Preston Jaymes also got a special treat when we went out shopping on Saturday...He got to see the EASTER BUNNY!!! It was his first time and he was all smiles at this oversized bunny!! We thought he might be a little scared, but not our little boy!
Preston also got to be a little mischevious with the grandparents in town (go figure!)...he learned how to ride ON one of his toys from Gramma and Grampa...he was all giggles at this!! I think we shouldn't have shown him how to do this, because now that is all he wants to do!!
It was such a wonderful weekend...We had so much fun with the grandparents that Preston has talked us into visiting them again this weekend...So we are taking him up to their house this weekend for Easter! Thanks Gramma and Grampa for making the weekend so special!! Can't wait to see you in a few days!!