Saturday, April 25, 2009

Peanut Update

Peanut Update


Ashten had his 6 Month Baby Well Visit and here are his stats:

Weight: 13lbs 1 1/2 oz (Under 5%)
Height: 26 3/4 inches (50%)
Head 18 inches (90%)

Yes, our Peanut is a little Peanut...Following in his brother's footsteps he is now off the charts on weight-- he is long and skinny!
(At 6 months Preston was 15lbs 31/2 oz (25%), 28 inches long(90%), 17 3/4 head (85%)We have just started cereal and food a little later with Ashten, closer to 6 months rather than 5 as with Preston so perhaps that is part of the difference in weight. Ashten is now enjoying his cereal, fruits, veggies and puffs...We are stuffing him as we did Preston per Dr orders!
Ashten has been rolling since before 4 months, started sitting alone better around 5 months and now at 6 months is really into army crawling...not a full fledge crawl but he gets from point a to b without too much problem when he wants to! Such a different kid than Preston who was fully crawling and pulling up at 6 months!
Ashten loves his excersaucer, jumpy's and sleeping in his own bed. He sleeps from 7:30-7:30 pretty consistently now with the occassional wake...and naps twice a day for a good 2-4 hours usually...Ashten is a better sleeper than P was at this point...Preston was going down 8-7 and then barely ever napping throughout the day...and usually not in his crib as Ashten does. Both boys have always been put to bed awake though!
Ashten continues to be quite the hamm...and loves attention from everyone...He is a generally happy baby and loves to give his gummy grin...However it won't be gummy for long...his bottom two teeth have finally broken through...It was quite painful for the little guy and had much more problems with it than Preston but Preston also did not get teeth until much later...
It has been so much fun watching Ashten grow and I can't believe he is already 6 months!! It seems like yesterday he was our newborn...I love to see the difference in the boys (as you can tell above) not to compare of one better or worse than the other but rather to cherish their individual achievements...They truly are two quite different boys...but brothers nontheless that love each other very much...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

All Bunny'd out!

ALL Bunny'd out!


Easter was quite eventful this year...and needless to say-we are all bunny'd out...I think we are finally recovered from two weeks of "bunny" fun and lots of family fun!
Preston showing off the Easter eggs Daddy, Mommy, Ashten and himself colored...and although they are beautiful to look at...Preston did not care too much for the taste of the hard boiled eggs...Therefore we opted for Potato Salad and Egg Salad sandwiches...

Our first Easter egg hunt (yes-we did 4) was the lighted egg hunt with cousin's Madison and Ainsley

The kids of course had to check out the loot afterwards...I think they made out just fine!

Preston, Ashten and Mommy also went to the Hy-Vee egg hunt....Preston was becoming quite the Pro as you can see!

And what would Easter be without the Easter presents...They received a book from Gramma Chris and Grampa Steve

and they each got a "bag of loot" from Nina Lynn and Papa Jim.....Ashten loved all the new toys but he also loved the bag and tissue as well....He kept looking for more to come out of the bag!

and when his was empty...looked towards Preston's bag...Good thing he has a great big brother that doesn't mind least some of the time!

Preston checking out his new frog cup one of the many awesome gifts!

Our Neighborhood had their annual hunt as well which we of course attended...who doesn't need more plastic eggs and candy to make em hyper!

Preston grabbing up the eggs in his new Notre Dame jersey (Ashten has a matching--too cute!)

And the final hunt was at home...after we explored the Easter Baskets left by the Easter bunny...Which by the way, Preston LOVED...He called him "little bunny rabbit"...
We kept trying to correct him that it was the Easter Bunny...but he preferred "little bunny rabbit"!

Preston and Ashten also got to enjoy the company of their Great Aunt Kathy, Uncle Larry and Nina and Papa over the holiday weekend!
Ashten and Aunt Kathy chatting over Breakfast...I think she may have been missing her own granbaby that is only a few weeks older than him!

And their isn't too many trips that to see us that don't involve the Texas Roadhouse or Chuckee Cheese (or Chunkee Cheese as we call it!)
a little coloring for Preston and Nina

Ashten sitting in a highchair for the first time at a Restaurant....I was so scared his little bodied would fall through the seatbelt...therefore I ate with one hand on his leg the entire time!

and the WONDerful...Chunkee Cheese!!!
It was yet again another awesome holiday...we had a great time...but as you can see...we were exhausted!