Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer Time Fun
We have been enjoying the past few weeks of summer and dreading the fact that it is almost over....We have unfortunately come to an understanding that we may not make it back into the pool before the year is done...The high's this week do not indicate "pool" weather thus we are in mourining...But besides our favorite summer time activity--we have been busy doing other fun things....Such as Ashten's new favorite toy--Preston's old cozy coup...Not suprisingly...this is now one of Preston's New Old Favorites as well!
Preston, Ashten and I attending the boy's first baseball game (Daddy had to work) and it was overly hot that we spent much of the time standing under the shaded building to enjoy the game rather than sit in the metal-nose bleed bleachers....guess you can't complain though when the tickets were free....Preston loved the game either way!
We have also been meeting up with our neighborhood group weekly....and visiting many backyards, playgrounds, pools...anything to wear the kiddo's out...It is so fun and exciting to know that my kids have so many great kids in the "hood" to grow up with!
Unfortunately we haven't gotten to spend as much time with the boy's cousins as we would have liked to this summer...They have been busy though and just had a new arrival of a boy cousin...The girl's are growing up so fast....and are so great to their younger cousins...I just love it when they do get together to play and hang out!
A summer is not a summer without plenty of "chunky cheese" visits...Usually these dates are reserved for Preston and Papa time...but since he hasn't been down here lately....Mommy had to take the plunge and let the boys indulge in some chunky fun on a rainy day!
And in probably the most exciting news of the summer....ASHTEN IS NOW WALKING! In the past couple weeks he has really taken off and considered this the most effective form of transportation (as opposed to crawling)...Not that he still doesn't crawl, but he is getting very good at using those two little legs...He just doesn't seem big enough to be a walker yet...but then I remind myself...Preston started this almost 3 months younger than Ashten has!
and thus the need to introduce the trusty old gates again.....For now Ashten has not minded them bc he really looks at them as a new toy to play with (ie pull on,shake, etc) soon I am sure he will figure out that they are blocking where he really wants to go!
and this is where that is....Although he is great at climbing up...he has yet to come back down...
We have also been gearing up for the Big Birthday Bash month of September....This is all that Preston has been talking about for I really hope that Mommy is able to live up to the expectations of a soon to be 3 year old....yikes!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where did July Go????

Where did July Go???


The summer has just been flying by for us and obviously July is now a blur! On June 30th, Ashten turned 9 months old-How time flies!!! His Doctor's visit went great and we are happy to report he weighed 16lbs 9oz (5%), height 28 inches (50%), and head 18 3/4 (95%)

signing more

At 9 months, Ashten has been pulling up on everything, cruising, attempting to walk (few steps before falling), crawling up stairs, eating more and more "real" foods, had two teeth (now we have 4!), jabbering up a storm, loves to play the mimick game, claps, signs "milk" and "more" and is getting quite integrated at playing with "rough" with Big Brother!

Preston has been busy as well...He attended the "coolest" John Deere Birthday Party of one of his best buds...with a John Deere there of course....and it has gotten him thinking about his upcoming Birthday...and gotten Mommy very stressed over planning the big bash!
We have also been continuing to meet with our various playgroups at the swimming pools, local parks, indoor play areas and at our friend's house...Here Ashten is playing with one of "HIS" friends-Owen who is a week or so older!

At one of the local parks with his BFSG group (minus a few)....they love to take pictures as a group now and happily sit next to one another...looking at the camera is another story though!

the newest additions to our BFSG group....Chloe, Ashten and Milo..our group went from 6 kids to 11 very quickly and making it harder for us to get together as much as we used too...

As I said, time has just flown by this summer...and Ashten's expression kind of sums how we have been feeling in the house from time to time with everything being so crazy!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Link

New Link


I know it has been awhile since I have updated and have lots of great information to share about my two very fast growing boys....We have been quite consumed with the daily tasks of caring for two very active and demanding little boys while trying to absorb the last days of summer...But on a side note, I have been following "Stellan" for quite sometime and am posting his link to our blog as well...He is such an amazingly strong little guy (slightly older than Ashten)...and just wanted to share his story so that you can perhaps add him in your prayers as well.